Just a Girl, Hoping to Thrive

The name is Lucy(: (yes, with a smiley face) and this is mostly a collection of my traveling chronicles.I came to the conclusion, not more than a few minutes ago, that it won’t only be my travel blog. Alongside with sharing with you spectacular people clips of my current travel experiences, I will also be tossing positivity at you all in hopes that my story can be a blessing in some way, shape, or form. One of my main goals in life is to be a positive soul for those people placed in my life. So, here I am… trying to be just that.

I yearn to be a happy, positive, and joyful person, yet because of my peculiar personality, it’s often hard to.

Often times, I have felt like a weirdo dog chasing her tail around in circles because she really wants to look at her tail I guess but for some reason, she just can’t. This past Friday, I thought about how as a Christian, I can only feel fulfilled and “serving my destiny” with God in as the main entree on my combo package. Hahaaaaaa ahhh.. I’m weird… But I’m accepting that. Unfortunately, I don’t have my life together at the age of 21, neither do I fully understand who I am, who I’m meant to be or who, I want to be. It would be super-duper convenient to find that out soon. 🙂 Hopefully sooner than later because I’m too much of clumsy creature (if that word even describes me: I don’t know). Especially since within the last week, I finished packing for this glorious trip hours before the plane left, I forgot to print out my acceptance letter to the school (so I was afraid I wasn’t going to be let into the country), I set off the fire alarm in the ladies dorm due to straight up foolishness, and that is not counting the number of times I day I trip. On top of all that physical dysfunction, I overthink everything and that gets me down and in the dumps for no logical reason. My overthinking got me thinking.

I Wondered When I Would Figure Out What I was Doing in Another Country…

This past Friday, I went on a small outreach thing with the Newbold church. (Oh yeah, I’m England peeps!!!! I’m studying a semester at a lovely Seventh-day Adventist college in the English countryside- Newbold College) I usually love Outreach activities where a group of people go out into the community and try to make a personal difference in lives in a type of way. Well, that annoying problem I mentioned earlier kicked in during the last portion of the week. I felt lonely for no reason. My friends back home were busy, which is natural since they’re all working hard at college and becoming even more amazing. My parents and sister were also busy and I was craving attention and quality time. I had people anxiety for no reason. My roommate here is such a sweetheart like everyone else on campus but people anxiety was there, it was real, and I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I wavered on my decision. I wanted to go to the odd-random-activity-street-outreach-delivering-flyers-outside of the movies, yet eventually, I realized no one would come with me. Choosing to go, reminded me of why I decided to come to Newbold. I have always dreamed of going to Europe. It all seemed different in my head… Actually not to drastically different. You see in my wildest dreams I never truly believed that my God would be able to take me anywhere in the world He wanted to, which is honestly why I suck as a Christian and why I need Him so much more. Anyway, studying abroad is a magnificent blessing. I am blissfully happy to be here. Regardless of how I felt previously I needed to remember how blessed I am to be here and ensure that those surrounding me feel blessed as well. It is not my duty to make people happy one-hundred percent of the time, but it is my duty to shine God’s positive vibes as much as I can. I knew that if given the opportunity to be anywhere, I need to be loving, happy, and encouraging. In this way, if I am enjoying my time here, which I should be, my “fellow people” can enjoy their time here as well.

The vibe has changed in my room… As I finish up this bit of a chunk of my first entry and as my music changes from Chris Brown and Ariana Grande to Hippie- Spanish- Christian music, I promise myself to remember I am a free and blessed soul. Life sucks, but I know there’s purpose in it. We are all manufactured to thrive rather than be retarded and down. 🙂 So yeahhh… It’s been an adjustment being so far away, but I trust that God will use this experience for my growth and so should I.

…and I am pretty excited.

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