Coffee and Good People


It’s the first day of Spring Break, and the Good news for the people of England and for me is that… it’s warming up!! Whoot Whoot 🙂 I am happy to say that today was the warmest day since I have been here. The highest today was 58 degrees Fahrenheit and that number had me radiating happiness all day. It was less than an hour after I woke up, and it was time to eat lunch. Lunch at the cafeteria is quite an adventure, or better yet, it’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. (I still need to watch Forest Gump, because apparently, it is a classic and I have so many “classic” movies that I have never watched and people get a little capsized if I have not watched their favorite movies.) I had no plans nor ideas for the day. Quite often I follow whichever plans people like to go with or accomplish without a care in the world. My friends are good people and I don’t find myself bored with them. So, today we walked to Bracknell (the closest town). The walk from Newbold to Bracknell is about 25-30 minutes long and when you go on walks to town with good people, you enjoy your day a little bit more. After about 30 minutes we ended up in a coffee shop. Regardless of people’s various opinions about coffee, I believe that coffee shops create community. Community, fellowship, or people time (whatever is most comfortable) is essential to living.  Spending time with people brings joy and joy is a very important thing to have. Coffee shops are full of people at tables, there are usually pastries there as well and it is great. Anyhow, was amazed to see lemonade being sold there so I ordered some lemonade. There are few delicacies from America that I miss dearly. Among those delicacies are lemonade, Publix Turkey Subs, the 75 cent bread rolls from Nothing but Noodles, and avocados (just to name a few). The lemonade made me smile internally so I bought it and brought it to the table. After a little time had passed we began to play “What would you rather.” It is a thinking game where you get to know people better, it has been nice playing that game often. My roommate often gets us started and we could play for hours if we wanted to. Another of my friends brought up a similar game where we match our personality types and ideals by bringing up scenarios and asking each other questions.

It was a peaceful time, but not too long after, I began to want some quiet time. I sometimes enjoy trailing off. Sometimes for no reason in particular… the more time went on and we saw two other amazing Brazilian friends that met us at the coffee shop, the desire to wander off alone and read became more and more pressing as the time went by. Not too long after our beautiful exotic friends stopped by and expressed my desires to leave to my group of friends.We all left together and began walking to the town centre and from then on we split up for nearly 30 minutes again. I meandered into one of my favorite places to be and it felt tremendously pleasant. I cannot think of several places that I enjoy more than a bookstore or a library. It is tedious to try to come up with words that come close to how blissful I feel in a store of books. My favorite thing to do is to sit down (or crouch down) in an aisle of books that I have never seen before. Aisles that have topics of romance, the Second World War, Travel, Religion, and some History books are spots where you can probably find me if I’ve been gone for too long or am not answering my phone. I love to meander around the aisles then sit. Some people are *book sniffers and there is absolutely no judgment here. Some people find the children’s section relaxing, I agree with that too, all in all, they are nearly perfect. Bookstores and libraries are periodically my places of solace. In bookstores, the world seems to slow down to an easy pause, individual learning thrives, and people silently connect in a unique way. It’s a nice touch to have some type of cafe or comfortable area to sit at, relax, and or read. Another reason that bookstores are amazing is that there is generally free wifi, so anyone is welcome to study (or be privately anti-social) there… we welcome people of all moods, as long as you’re not being too obnoxious. There are sometimes arts and crafts sections, funky-looking toys, planners, journals, calendars, furthermore lots of thingamajigs.  I hope I have now sold the idea to live in a book house or at least make one. 🙂  After a while, my friends picked me up and we walked back to school.

Upon arriving at school, we had supper shortly after and finished watching The Breakfast Club (another classic I just had to watch). That movie is a wild one and very profound. Films like those are good to watch so you can dwell on your life and think I guess. It was nice, more of like a one-time thing. Nice but not a favorite.(: Later that night I made a new friend. They were great. Nevertheless, I still am awkward at introductions and new people, no matter how great they are. This person actually seemed to enjoy exploring and **haciendo travesuras. They took three of my friends and I went on a quick walk with to an abandoned golf course behind campus property and landed over on the far end street of the neighborhood. That night was beautifully peculiar and my awkwardness unfolded even more which led to the events of the next day. I went to bed late, (this is something I am trying to fix yet don’t always try)… moreover, as I was falling asleep, I smiled and thought to myself that there is so much more in my life that I could be trying out. I chuckled to myself and rested my eyes for the next few hours.



*A Spanish phrase for creating mischief or partaking in odd antics for fun.

** Ten un lindo dia xoxo

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