Funky Town

I‘m a broke college student who is infinitely blessed to be living here in England (until this semester is over) so, I’m not picky. It would have been an unbelievable ordeal to be in Paris for Spring Break with my girls and I would have rather experimented Paris than stay at Newbold for the week… because who wouldn’t. But I do not regret staying in England because England is one fantastic delicacy. The awkwardness and funny conversations that made me fall asleep chuckling carried over to the afternoon. I woke up late and when I check my phone, I get a message from a new friend reminding me that I had brought up Camden Markets in a conversation. They said to me “Let’s go to those markets you mentioned today!” I almost burst out laughing. I love spontaneity and I like to think of myself as spontaneous yet I haven’t been so spontaneous here as I am back home. Most of my friends are more spontaneous and wild than me and I love them for it. I proceed to tell this person that I don’t have too much money and they simply attempted to convince me further because I probably had nothing better to do. “Gee thanks… I don’t think I’m extremely boring and now you’ve made me contemplate myself. I don’t know, sometimes I might have something to do at school.”  I think I overthought the whole thing and didn’t realize it until I got more messages. “Hey, are you there?” and “What have you decided?” “Hmmm… I’m a bit wacky, let’s invite other people so I don’t end up crushing on this dude… hahaha I just thought that aloud.” My lovely roommate was heading to Paris on the next day so it was understandable that she wanted to take it easy that day. Everyone else that I initially wanted to accompany me was busy and thus said they couldn’t come along. I managed to invite another friend and soon after I headed out to London with two dudes. I was very well protected. I felt like I had two bodyguards and it was fascinating. England cooperated with me. It was the most beautiful Tuesday I have ever enjoyed. London is usually raining yet the weather remained around the 60’s all day and I was overjoyed. Camden Markets is in the borough of Camden (mid-north part of London, I’m awful at directions) I have been wanting to go to Camden Markets for a good few months now. In January I made a short list of things I wanted to do here and well I was excited to finally go! Camden Markets is full of little shops and restaurants around a big area. I love authentic shops native to areas and Camden is full of them (kind of like a flea market). We passed around a bar that had a deck on it. There was a man playing guitar and seeing a lovely song. My world stopped. Every time I see someone singing or playing any instrument outside in public, my world stops. Live music mesmerizes me and even though this was no big concert or anything, in that moment, I could not have been happier to leave campus that afternoon. One friend noticed me stop and commented on the performance, “That’s pretty awesome, you like live music?” I chuckled then and looked up at him. “No, I love it.” We exchanged a smile and kept walking around because it was getting around that time to eat and although the food looked good at the place with the dude singing, it’s too expensive and we are all ballin on a budget. *”Si no hay dinero, pues no hay dinero y ya se acabo. No voy a desperdiciar dinero en papita y nuggets like no, not happening” 

One thing I am not good at is making decisions. Luckily for me and everyone else, I knew I wanted to eat Fish N Chips. It was my first time, much like many other things that day.

We found a good spot that had cheap Fish N Chips (cod fish and yummy french fries) … those things were soo mouthwateringly savory! The seasoning was exquisite! The owners of the little food kiosk were Argentinian, it felt so good to speak Spanish to them(: I felt like a little child at a fair with loads of cotton candy in my hand! Shortly after enjoying that meal, we went to the other city of the bedazzling city and into the British History Museum. It was big… colossal even. My highlights of that museum were the Rosetta Stone, Mummies, and Egyptian and Persian writings on murals. Never have I ever been to a more culturally diverse history museum. We weren’t there for an incredibly long time since it was closing soon. All of the museums close around 5-6. By the time the history one was closing, there was time to quickly pop by the National Portrait Gallery (which I hadn’t gone to before either). Again, that was magnificent, art is always indescribable. Trafalgar Square just outside of the art museum is always a sight. Many times, I stand there like a fool, smiling at the view of Big Ben and the people below. The guys nudged me to keep walking because they were excited for the next spot to go look at. Saville Row was next and if it weren’t so late in the evening (around 7) the guys would have been able to pop in and be giddy for a little bit. The street is full of stunning stores with tuxes, suits, and all things gentlemen. In that area was also Huntsman (a store used in the movie Kingsman) and Tiffany’s and Co. Again, I don’t think there would be words to describe my peaceful unspoken joy at that moment while I walked around shops and around London. I wished my little sister would have been able to see everything with me there and we could laugh at funny people walking around the streets.

A bit more passed and I had no idea where we were. The guys spoke to themselves and planned about something, however, I did not care to ask. **Paso por paso, las calles me enamoraban and I meandered around aimlessly behind those two slugs smiling to myself. When I found out they were planning to go to a live band restaurant, with Jazz, Swing, and Blues music I almost died. My heart skipped a beat, I giggled to myself so much and began to jump up and down (in my mind). The please was called Blues Bar and not too far away we took a quick ride in a double decker (a big red bus) to the place. It took us a little bit to find and we had to reserve a table. One of them called and saved us a spot, bless his soul, and we all went to hang out at nearby motorcycle shop and restaurant that had benches. We sat outside because we’re saving our money for later because yeah… there’s a Live Band place! Talking is fun. Games where you ask questions about each other and laugh are fun too. The time stuck 10 and it was finally dinner time! I had buffalo chicken wings 😀 Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait too long for the band and it was a dream come true. They were not famous, I didn’t sit in the front with tables close to the band, nor did I dance with a partner to the old 40’s music but I enjoyed the view and sound from my table nonetheless. It sent shivers up my spine. How could I not stand up close to the performers and listen? No, I had to. The pictures and videos I took were blurry but I’ll never forget and pop by again. The servers were such sweet people, the food tasted good, and the company was delightful. The three of us came to the unanimous decision that we could not miss the train to go back to school, even though I know we wouldn’t have minded sleeping under a tree in a park in London. The train ride back took forever and although I was in and out of conversations, I heard something about grapes and cheese. I had a magical day until it was over and I did not anymore. Together with getting back to campus twice, getting sick from something I ingested earlier, and getting back into bed I was led to think about my day and life. Gratitude was in my heart towards God for his patience, good friends and His endless protection that I don’t always deserve.


*Pretty much, ballin on a budget, and I wasn’t wasting money on chicken nuggets and fries.

**With each step, the streets made me fall in love with them.

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