Excitedly Getting Back to Work (or just being done with it…)

I finished. Well… not quite, I have one more final exam in several hours for my Shakespeare class in which I perform a sonnet, monologue, and a group scene of “Othello.” I cannot even begin to express how happy I felt when I left the exam room, I knew I did well and it was technically my last exam here in England for my junior year The thought quickly passed my mind that I would be a senior and graduate next school year from Oakwood and I quickly got scared and ran outside to feel the warm sun on my body. Funny thing is, the sun only looked warm. It’s another one of those weird cold days here in Binfield and I’m about done with it. I’m almost at the point of wearing like 30 layers of clothes in order to feel the regular warmth one is supposed to feel in May.

When I came to my room, I found some extra peace in opening this book that gives me a unique sense of surrealism within me. I don’t hardly read it enough, though I should because there is so much encouragement, clarity, and purity in the pages of that book. I read it for a little bit prior to beginning to write this post and am thinking now, of how much of a difference words (whether big or small) make on our lives.

Anyhow, I am both equally nervous and excited for the exam/presentations we will have last this afternoon. Drama and acting have always caught my attention and mesmerized me. Real talk… how many of us girls wanted to be famous actresses when we were younger? A lot of us. So, performing and showing off our acting is exciting… But we are being graded, judged on our abilities to rehearse and memorize lines, and evaluated to see if the rest of my classmates and I met the proper criteria for a “good grade.” That last part isn’t as exciting. It’ll be great, we get to dress up a little (modern dress, unfortunately… ew), and finally, the intimidating evaluations will be over forever!!!! (In reality only for around 6 months then I have these dumb exams again) But for now, I am just enjoying the moment and trying to thrive in this amazing British country for the remainder my last complete week here. 😥 I could write 30 dissertations on why I don’t want to leave England and how it’s so much better than anything, but I won’t. Nor will I continue being a sappy sad person about leaving.

SO! Have an amazing day beautiful people and bye, I’ll come back after Othello(:

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