Women’s Wrongs

Women are weak.  They are impulsive, lazy, and at times promiscuous. Women are incapable of managing money, driving a car properly, including raising a family properly on their own. Women are “crazy”, they are stubborn, they aren’t as intelligent as the opposite male gender. In the workforce, men are more likely to get hired because they are just better workers… women should stay at home, clean the house, and raise all of the tiny humans in that household.


It’s RIDICULOUS to even BEGIN TO BELIEVE  OR SPEAK about these things especially considering how WRONG they are, how morally disgusting they are to pronounce, and how vastly far from the truth they stand.

Unfortunately, these statements are popular beliefs within the patriarchal society that I am a part of. Therefore, although I cannot reverse the ignorant and stubborn way of thinking that belongs to chauvinist men (and some women) I can most definitely work towards reminding women everywhere who feel worthless, stepped on by society, and purposefully neglected that they have a purpose. Women, the most majestic creature of creation, were created to thrive in the atmospheres that they were placed in and to believe that they are able to achieve greatness, not to shrivel at the burdensome stigmas that are out in society about how a woman is and how she should be.

This semester, I am taking a class called women’s literature. Women’s Literature is a study of a cross-cultural selection of women’s literature from historical, social, and literary perspectives. Whenever women are examined throughout history, many patterns are the same. There are factors of oppression, submission, and assimilation (whether it’s to a new culture or assimilating to her husband’s lifestyle) Whenever women are inspected through a social worldview/mindset there are many assumptions about the lives they live, the choices they make, and what is allowed for them. Even in literature, women’s fates are often “decided for her”, their purposes seem to be to supplement a man’s life, or to serve as a pawn for an even larger scheme. Many women have been told that their place in life is to be a puppet or serve as a servant, simply because she is a woman.

In that class last week, I realized and learned that the issue with these negative concepts about my sex, lies in conforming to what society expects us as females to accept and adapt to our lifestyle and assimilate to our habits. Subconsciously, there are things we don’t do because we don’t do certain things because we believe that we are the weaker sex and that men are entitled to certain job positions, tasks, and privileges whereas we are not. When I grow to think of this, I get upset. I have personally even fallen into the trap of male bashing due to my anger and the unfairness and inequality that I see in so many different ways in my society. Even so, *this world shrieks a feminist agenda in our ears of how equality with men means we are all the same. Gender neutrality seems to be the end goal.” So rather than choosing to celebrate our own differences, we are content with conformity. We are okay with what society tells us that we are rather than believing that we were created thrive.

*We are not created in a role subordinate to men, but uniquely, purposefully different in order to help with the things they weren’t designed to do. Equal but different. The world (society) says: “You can do anything a man can do… and better!” God says “You can do things men can’t do for my glory.

Women’s wrongs lie in believing that it’s society’s job to create a narrative about how the female gender ought to exist.

Women’s wrongs lie in thinking that they need to put out an artistic face full of makeup in order to be beautiful.

Women’s wrongs lie in assuming that they won’t find love, true love if they don’t give their partner the physical intimacy they demand.

Women’s wrongs lie in creating their future around things or people that won’t uplift them to be better people.

*Women’s wrongs lie in living as if their purpose lies anywhere else in the world but in being His daughter of delight.


*excerpts are taken from daughterofdelight devotional page, -withopenedeyes (Instagram)


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