Singleness and Spirituality

There’s something kind of wild about leaving everything behind and surrendering your life so that God can be in control of it. Actually everything is crazy about it. There’s nothing rational about being a Christian, it is most assuredly the right thing to do; pure Christianity is wholesome and enriching, when lived out properly. 

Luke 14:26-28 emphasizes the importance and being genuine when choosing Christ, the importance of being sure, and making the thought out decision to really choose him, hating everything else by comparison. It’s a matter of seeing Him as the most important thing one could achieve. 
The next verse says that we cannot be true disciples unless we give up everything we own. The devotional spoke about singleness. I was reminded of my feelings of loneliness while I was reading it but it was good to be reminded that God not only heals out hurt but takes us fully under His wings when we surrender these feelings to Him. Only then can we in a true relationship with Him.  Surrendering everything means being vulnerable and being full of Him and content knowing that He knows what He’s doing.  

He knows. 

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