She Persisted.

Due to being unemployed and often alone at home, there is a lot of time to do nothing. There’s also time to do much. However, today I admit I have not accomplished a lot. Yesterday, I applied for more places, made important calls, and spoke to friends in far places. Somewhere amidst those things, I made the time to mindlessly scroll through posts in Facebook and watch funny videos.

That’s when I saw a post she shared… some kissing child’s ad. I thought about her more, that’s so natural of My Queen. People say that I look like her lately, I don’t know that I do but I’d be honored to. She taught me how to live my favorite things in life and she’s one of them. I worry so much (as most people would) if she ends up in the hospital or sick at home, I fear losing her so much. I’m kind of paranoid… but she’s amazing and she’s everything I wish I could be. She’s a relentless lover and a kind soul. After she had to put both of her daughters through college on her own (pretty much) I saw how she became stronger and I admired her more. Amongst the odd jobs and invasive psychos, she did her thang! Her name actually is Soul in Spanish (Alma).

Yes, I’m talking about my Momma. 😊

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