A _______ Little Christmas

Hi, today I’m writing because consistency is key to a happy life, (at least that’s how I feel today).

I wanted to write about this book that I’m about to read, but instead I find myself wanting to write about Christmas because this Christmas feels so radically different than most years in the past. Although we’ve been navigating the do’s and don’ts of a pandemic this year and our definition of quality time has changed, I’m realizing that there is still so much to be grateful for.

Yesterday, my good buddy and I recorded our last podcast episode of the year.

I enjoyed it more than I had enjoyed other episodes, I think it was my favorite one to record, here’s the link: https://anchor.fm/lucyandlexi. In it we discussed lessons that we have learned throughout the outrageous year of 2020, habits we’re trying to put into practice, and the gift of gratitude.

Gratitude…that word is heavy. Some of us might wonder if there are even enough things to be grateful for this year. I am sure there are some people wondering if there are enough reasons to celebrate Christmas (or partake in our usual holiday festivities in general). That way of thinking/train of thought is beyond understandable. Many people have suffered an unsurmountable amount of loss piled on top of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and humanity is in pain. But because humanity is in pain, shouldn’t we try to heal as best as we know how? Shouldn’t we try to find the light, joy, and peace in the midst of the turmoil we’ve experienced within the past 354 days? If you are reading this right now, remember that God has blessed you so much even still.

So, participate in your job’s White Elephant/ Secret Santa party. If Christmas music is your thing, check out holiday covers on your favorite streaming service, (earlier today I heard Jose Feliciano’s 50th anniversary re-release of his classic holiday hit, “Feliz Navidad” on Amazon Music and it was so beautiful I damn near cried). Donate things to people you know are in need. There’s so much pressure to provide gifts and spend so much over the holidays that so many families are lacking essential things.

Do whatever you feel that will allow you to have a warm Christmas time, a joyful Christmas time, and a peaceful one. Do this not because it’s Christmas, but because at the end of this year, it is necessary for your sanity to reflect on the good, the blessings things you still have, and have a dreamer’s mentality.

With love,

Your favorite, awkward, and pensive Nicaraguan/Puerto-Rican.

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