An Ode for Zoë .

Oh Zoë,

You, kitten: wild, sleepy, and dopey, cozy, warm.

I miss you.

For almost 5 full complete months, I had a kitten. I loved her so much (still do) and I guess this was a good experience, in the sense that I know that I am capable of loving cats. I used to really despise them, but I was shown through the experience of having her, that cats are fun (especially as kittens), they’re so playful and sweet. I was shown that just because they may not be “as cuddly/affectionate” as dogs are, that does not mean they aren’t loving creatures. Zoë loved me as best she could. She stayed close and cuddle near.

Once I came to the conclusion and realization that I could no longer keep her, I became anxious, guilt-ridden, and sad…really sad. I felt that God really provided me with the little critter during a time in which I was quite depressed and lonely, and I loved her so much for that. Even so, I also believed that Zoë essentially served her purpose in my life. It doesn’t sound “pretty” to me, but it comforts me and it’s most likely true. She’s a baby still so I didn’t want to surrender her to a local animal shelter, but after some time of reaching out to others and asking by word of mouth, I felt that my hands were tried and ended up to reaching out to a local place. Sniffling and sighing, I emailed them the proper information along with a few pictures and felt slightly accomplished and slightly awful. Even so, I didn’t have much luck with that endeavor. The local shelter replied to my email willing to help me and offering alternatives to rehoming. I found that helpful and kind, but I needed something to happen soon. During that week I also decided to browse around on Facebook’s groups to see if there was anyone interesting in pet adoption, low and behold I found a young lady interested! It all happened rather suddenly, it’s interesting how much you can do these days through social media… I interviewed the girl as much as I could before giving her my baby and now pray she’s (Zoë) gotten accustomed to her new environment and is less unsettled. You can only do so much and hope for the best, right?

So now, I’m going to stop going on her page and searching to see if she’s posted any pictures of Zoë. I’m feeling super stalker-ish and it’s making me uncomfortable.

Also, a huge shoutout to Google Photos for their Photobook deal, I made one filled with Zoë’s pictures and it really makes me smile when I see it.

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