4 Stories of Answered Prayers

Hi, so first of all I’d like to share that God’s plans for our lives transcend our knowledge and the ways in which He answers our prayers will leave even the strongest Christian in awe. While it may not always be in the way that we would like, He still listens, He still knows, and still does what is best in the grand scheme of things. I’ve seen this in my life so many times, as well as in others.

Okay, I’m done. Story time:

1.) Little things- As a kid I used to wander around a lot in stores. This was/is probably common in most kids ages 10 and under but during this time in my life, it would occur 9/10 times we would go shopping. I would get bored, tell my parents I had to go to the bathroom and wander off into the toy section. At times, I wouldn’t even go to the bathroom in general. It was fun. Most of the time, I would go back to the show department (or whatever area I had left my parents and little sister in) and would not find them there. That was usually terrifying, but even as young girl I knew that I could count on God to help me find my family again. On one occasion I remember having a difficult time finding everyone. I think it had been about 30 minutes since I had last seen them and my anxiety grew within me. I was 7 and lost in a big K-Mart in a town where a lot of pedophiles and sexual predators that were recently released from jail. I didn’t realize how much danger I was in. I only prayed insistently because I thought my family would go home and leave me in the store. Some more timed passed and I recognized my name being called through the speakers in the store,(this happened often) but this time they described my pink and purple striped outfit to the T! Even though I was felt mortified like usual, I was relived. Check out–>(Psalm 56:3,4)

2.) I know of a girl that had the flitter-flutteries for a boy who was dealing with intense pain caused by poor mental health. She knew of his pain and prayed for it, tried to help him overcome it, and decided to be the best friend she could be for him. Yet, his burden was too heavy. So much so that he could not longer carry it and attempted to cease all possible outflows of pain within him. Away he went, onto an unattainable space. Days went by and she wished to know so much about him but wasn’t able to. Her prayers were consistent though, as were the prayers of the boy’s friends and loved ones. Days of rehabilitation were pertinent as the boy’s pain subsided and in her worry, the girl remained with the hope that THE ONE who controls the stars was in control of Her and Her own. Recently, she was surprised with a “Hey, I’m good… thank you” text and her joy was replenished. (Psalm 30:5, Isaiah 62:1 that first part)

3.) Here’s another quick story about a friend I grew to love. She was a long lost pal and I didn’t know that when we would reunite, she would mean so much to me. Nonetheless, that period in time in which we reunited quickly became bitter for her. Her mother and best friend who was sick, became sicker. Life and energy were leaving her body in rapid rushes of darkness until there came a point where darkness overcame light in both lives. It seems to most as if prayers were not answered in this case but maybe…maybe, the prayers of that mother strong in her faith were answered with a “Yes, I will take care of yours… Yes, I will ensure you receive the rest you crave” and the prayers of her daughter and loved ones were answered with a “just wait on the day in which you see her again free of the pain in this world…just wait”. Unfortunately, that was not the only nor the easiest loss she has had but after that the overwhelming responses of love and consistency have not faltered.

There’s been so many more people I love that have lost so much this year, but throughout all of that immense pain, God has seen you as well and remains constantly near as a result of that pain. I’ve known it and seen it. (Isaiah 52:10-12)

4.) Every successful job interview, zoom meeting, academic venture, and hopeful plan can also be an answered prayer. When we begin to believe and embrace that God is wholly, completely, and genuinely in control of everything, we begin to win: we continue winning. God has always had our best interests in mind even when we have a difficulty believing it. Yeah, some people may even believe that it’s crazy to cling to a God we can’t see and believe in the outpouring of His Son and His Spirit with the human population. But clinging to that believe sparks joy in me and peace in the world within me. It’s the relational aspect of God that initiates that exchange of well-being and love. (Isaiah:

That’s really all for now,

Love Luce

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