The Subway dude and his subtle babble of I know best

The last time I went to Subway, I was excited for the sub but left the little shop annoyed.

The employee thought he had jokes upon jokes. He kept suggesting that I get vegetables on my sandwich that I hadn’t mentioned. Then he would proceed to nag me and poke fun. He’d say stuff like “Come on, no pickles?!”, “seriously no onion?!”, it got annoying.

At the end, I didn’t make it a meal, I just asked for a cookie, an oatmeal cookie. He said, “You want chocolate chip?!” I said no. -_- an oatmeal cookie. So…Why’d the give me a chocolate chip cookie? It’s as if this dude was “mansplaining” (for lack of another word) things to me and although he thought he was being funny… he wasn’t.

I ate the cookie anyway.

(The cookie shown was obviously not from subway, but a booshie healthy version of one. (; )

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