He pretty much said No Singles allowed

I went to a restaurant nearby and was eager to eat there since I hadn’t for a while. After parking my car near the meadow, I had every intention of picking up some food to go and eating it in the meadow across the restaurant and reading the book in my hand.

I went inside the fancy pizza place and asked for a menu. When I decided what I wanted, I told the dude what I wanted to order and he sent me to the corner where the takeout orders were.

Did he think I couldn’t possibly order food to dine-in if I was alone. The thought bothered me. But I wasn’t going to make a scene or criticize him for his assumptions. It irked me, but unlike yesterday maybe there’s no need for me to find a deeper meaning to this. People are unexpected, ‘judgy’, and resentful. People also overthink and things affect others deeply.

So, while assumptions made about me can be irritating at my core I know that these thoughts don’t change who I am in the least!

Was it a knee-jerk reaction to write this post? Would anyone else be bothered too? I don’t know the answers to either.

BUT now, I’ve started a new favorite book, and the taco spot in front of my is probably better anyhow. (:

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