25 Lessons Learned, at age 25.

This post is a summary of our most Podcast Episode, “God Bless These 20-Somethings”. My dear friend Alexis shared the first 13 tips and I, the last 12. I hope, we hope, they resonate with others too. 🤗

In that episode we discussed ways we’ve learned to be our own friends and welcoming ourselves to jsut be.

1. Life is fleeting. Feel and say everything you need to whom you need to.

2. Your mother really is your best friend.

3. Peace is more important than happiness.

4. Everyone gives and receives love differently. Don’t blame yourself for not being able to be loved by someone who was not in tune with your love language.

5. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself the credit you deserve. Own your strengths and abilities.

6. It’s important to own and recognize your role in how you’ve hurt others, not just how others have hurt you.

7. Learning how to forgive yourself is just as important as learning to forgive others, if not more.

8. You are not a burden. You are loved so much and people want to help you when you need it.

9. There’s no place like home.

10. Everyone should have a therapist, psychologist, mental health professional in their lives.

11. It’s very difficult for someone who is at war with themselves to comprehend the concept of unconditional love.

12. Embrace all of the different versions of you instead of trying to force them all to comply to whomever you think you should be.

13. Finding peace in your season of solitude and being alone instead of trying to force your life to happen all at once is the key. Gods timing.

14. God’s plans exceed your own. Believe in Him and the abilities He gave you, more.

15. Those people in your life that care about you and want to keep you in your life, will prove it.

16. However, not all that want to be in your life should. Sometimes we’ll have to make tough decisions and distinctions.

17. If things feel unattainable, pray and work towards meeting those unattainable goals. We are the ones stopping ourselves. That being said, if something is still on your mind after all of that, it’s usually worth the risk.

18. Stop shrinking or adopting so other people like you more or less.

19. Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself in the workplace

20. Don’t underestimate the importance of work benefits

21. Twofold: Value your friendships, but don’t beg. Keep loving those in your life as long as it’s healthy for you

22. Shoot for ways to creatively, safely make more money!

23. Prioritize doctors appointments.

24. Take time to make new hobbies and enjoy your own company.

25. Keep your inner child alive. Nurture her, remember her, and don’t forget the things that once brought you joy.

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