What I like About Anchors

Song suggestion: “Anchor” by Jonathan Ogden*

The last couple of years of high school were very taxing for me… for my sister and I. Our parents got divorced, and although it was something expected, we didn’t understand the reprucussions that would come along with this. The personal drama augmented by force during that time, so uplifting sentences in scripture like the anchor one were pretty neat to me. Anchors represented a constant flat surface. Especially when our junior class lost a classmate and friend, God’s prescence as an anchor made sense because in the choas, I could feel Him closer than the peace… weird, huh.

On one disordered night, I recall wandering into the night sky and seeing the constellations form into the shape of a crooked anchor. The patten of the stars made me feel rooted, secure… grounded. But it wasn’t just that pattern, it was what it represented for me. It was the hope in the consistent assurance that God had my back. It was the certainty in the mess: the disasters that brought beauty.

I like anchors, kind of why I love the moon.

*Fav. Lyrics from the aforementioned song.

‘Cause in the rising waves Your love will be my constant
You’re with me in the battle and travails

And You’re fighting for my heart when I feel downcast
In my weakness, Lord, Your perfect love prevails

We have this anchor for the soul
A sure and steadfast hope that won’t let go
We have this anchor for the soul
A sure and steadfast hope that won’t let go

You are my anchor

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