The Quiche Here is Delish.

I finally (well I hadn’t been looking that much) but I have found today, an exquisite coffee spot that I had mentally sought out often. Yay me!

It is called Red Pipe.

The kind, middle aged, european sounding man, educated me on what a macchiato really is and I proceeded to not order one and got a latte instead.

I had come here to work. I have various tasks I want to acheive today, and I woke up and spent some time with God this morning, I had the tremendous urge to leave the house and be elsewhere today.

So here I am, at another time I’ll be someplace else.

After I ordered my food I politely asked for the wifi password and thought it was memorable. I sat down and forgot it. So, I tried what first came to mind, and to my pleasant surprise, I was right. The password was in the name of the network name.

Sometimes, it is that easy.

Sometimes people do love you, sometimes we get good things because we are loved, not because we deserve them.

Sometimes, we get the chance to start again and try more, try better.

Today, I agree.

Have a good day(:

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