Thoughts on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: 1

Having ADHD as an adult without treating it effectively, can make you feel like you’re in a boisterous, disorderly classroom, where the teacher’s favorite attention grabbing technique is to drag her long claws across the green chalkboard… and you’re the one in the back not doing anything.

I’ve had this since I was 7.

Still, I’ve realized now, that focus and set routines dance together in a chaotic harmony, where you need one to have the other.

Today was a blissful day. I managed to find peace in my organization style of journaling, before I did anything at work. Thus, the anxiety and stress that usually come with my scrambled mind were not present.

HEAVY on the Thank God.

There’s so much to do at my job. All too often, I start 10 tasks and finish 2. I craved consistency so much in the past couple of weeks and with an unexpected visit to the sick people building, I really tried to be intentional about the space I occupy this week and how I can better treat my mental disorder without medication.


I wrote everything down in a handy, dandy, notebook.

I drank hella frickin water.

and, I actually prepared for class and didn’t have the usual connectivity issues I bring upon myself.

I showed up for what I needed today. (Please see:

I’m so grateful for those in my corner that have made me feel safe in doing so.

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