Dear, Master Writer,

Esteemed Master Writer, 

As I’ve previously shared with you, although I am well aware of your talent, I have often found your typical genre unnecessary. 

I knew of your popularity, the assumed need to incite fear in others, and mocked you, (mostly jokingly). 

This time, I would like to apologize, as I know your talent is remarkable and if you would have me, I would love to learn from you if you would be open to teaching me. It would be an honor to be mentored by you. 

My change of thought came around when I read your book “On Writing” once a couple of years ago, and now recently I have decided that I am about to dutifully start the task again. 

Never before had I been educated in the craft of writing in this brightly descriptive and imaginative way. I feel that I learned more about writing and the goals that I wanted to set for myself as a writer, from this book, surprisingly so. much more than I had learned from many other textbooks. 

Your easiness, lightheartedness, and expertise about the craft of writing truly made me want to listen and learn from you. This book has shaped the way I view the constraints (or lack thereof) in writing. 

Most of all, I was swayed to give your other infamously horrifying pieces of artistic and terrifying literature a chance, but with a much more purposeful and direct intention. In your comical and even vulgarly irreverent way of giving advice, you shared that writing is a craft that can be molded in any which way we’d like. This book was fun, easy, and a great guide for fiction  writers. I know that many of your diehard fans grew up with your literature and films around them and fans all over the world wished to become like you! I respect that and I see it now. For my writer friends, I have not stopped sharing about this book and I’m proud of it. So please do, me too…help me to become like you! 

Many thanks,

Lucy Fley

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