Little Joy, Little Town

I read the prompt “Things that spark joy” and decided that one was for me.

While it reminds me of that Netflix show I never got around to watching, I realized that Things That Spark Joy, is my comfort space.

I love joy and it’s what I write about most often.

I am a very nostalgic person, so here’s a kind of cheesy one.

Imagine growing up in Florida. Imagine being there in July during the rainy season/ intense heat of the summer. Now, you’re not in Orlando, Miami, or even Tampa. You live in a small town called Avon Park. Avon Park is close to two hours away from Orlando (the nearest big city). In Avon Park, the most common things are orange groves, warm sunny air, and country music. I think in the past decade, the Hispanic population has grown exponentially. But you live in the mid-’00s so there are a lot of Filipinos, Blacks, and whites, most of all. The town is small, boring usually. To do groceries and errands, you must go to the neighboring town called Sebring. Heck, it wasn’t until 2013 when Avon Park finally got a Walmart that some excitement came into the area. You even joined in on the hide-and-seek runs inside Walmart with your classmates. You’re similar to me, so you have an eccentric Puerto Rican mother who likes country music and is obsessed with the weather forecast. Do you rush to move away for college or stay? Because looking back, that place is my happy place and I feel bad for leaving sometimes, but only sometimes because I like the Delis here.

Here, check out some of the sounds in my childhood home.

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