Symptoms of the Deficit: II

If I’m excited about something and that makes me giddy, please don’t call me hyper. Hyper is an adjective I’ve heard all my life that holds a heavy and negative tone for me. People have often looked down on me because of my energetic nature, my carefree glee.

The first word of the acronym of my only known diagnosis, is hyperactivity, and it’s how most of my close people tend to describe me. They’d say “oh Lucy can get very hyper” or “she gets riled up easily”. Could it be my need for excessive expression that turns people off? I’ve only ever heard of this as a way of saying that I’m too much. And well for those close to me, should you know? Shouldn’t my joy be enough?

I go back in my mind to my teachers complaining to my parents in elementary and telling my parents, “She’s too hyper, she’s too much”.

So loved one, just enjoy my joy. Don’t perceive it as exhausting, draining, or too much. Because I’m not.

Side note: Richard once told me you can never have enough guitars. I’m saying, you can never have enough of something you love… that included yourself. ✌🏽 😊💛

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