Apps with Quotes on ‘em

Below, there’s a quote from my devotional app. (A devotional app, is inspiring, gives you journaling prompts, usually has a Bible in it with different reading versions which vary very little from older versions, and quotes).

The following quote rings true for most things: consistency, as we know cliche states, is key.

But, I’m realizing that (even though what I’m realizing now is common knowledge as well), everything we do has to be habitual in order for there to be consistent progress. On this journey to understand myself, my mind, and my God-given dreams, I have to constantly remind and reassure myself.

I feel silly to have to repeat things to myself over and over. It feels weird to get ready in the morning, remind myself to walk to the bathroom, take my medication, look for an outfit. it’s a jungle in the concrete jungle. Ja. Ja.

you gotta do stuff especially when you don’t feel like it. Still don’t know why I’ve gotta force myself sometimes, but I do: regardless of my mood.

I will give you blue. Blue is not always blue. It reigns over the sky, lives in heaven, was painted by Him. It is peace and warmth. More than all the rest.
Not to minimize, but don’t be ugly either. Then what?

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