Craft- (as in arts and Crafts)

I have been having difficulty enjoying writing. I’ve been having difficulty honing my craft.

Craft is simply a skill or occupation- handiwork.

I tell the kids to use Collins Dictionary instead of Google Translator, because of the obvious implications. Overall, it is a decent / reliable source for definitions, language learning, and more learning stuff. So, I used it to refresh my memory, because it’s 8:49 and the administration is confusing me as I write this at work.

I’m learning that in writing, Craft is more than pretty writing,

but without overcomplicating,

Craft, is real life written as close, or as far as you’d like.

Yet, craft is not that complicated, still it covers so much, since it encompasses the writer’s intentional decisions about which vocabulary to use, the voice or tone that they wish to convey, and the specific sentence formation (grammar) they will use. I’m learning, (a little too late in my semester) that craft is more than assignments completed in a certain fashion, ” whatever prose is”, or speed-reading to understand something before class. When I left class on Monday, I felt rattled. lost. overwhelmed. It was one of those feelings or feeling stupid but knowing it’s your fault entirely. I left feeling with this heavy impression of only wanting to be taught, rather than teach. I felt sadness at that thought. My dream for some years now has been to teach writing and literature to college students who want to learn this too, that have a passion for learning how words are life, too.

March is almost over. Which in a way makes me feel excited and nervous. Both academic years are almost over for me, and although I have been having difficulty enjoying writing I have to believe there’s more time. I want to…itshardbeingconsistent, But. I studied Tuesday, finally felt smart in Wednesdays class and the kids are doing easy stuff. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of new things to try so they’re learning entertained, but I can’t complain about that because I’ve got people resources. I’ll try reflect on that in May… see what’s good.

It is a Thursday, which means Friday and Sabbath are coming and Sunday too. I’ve enjoyed this, this morning. I think I’d like to go for a two hour drive soon, like I always did down south. My new water bottle smells a little like plastic, but it’ll do. No more water bottles. I might nap for lunch or walk if it stops raining.

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