The succulent died. I crushed it.

I heard this cool thing the other day. A woman on a podcast was saying that if you’re a person who cares about people and cares about the world, you MUST try to find joy every single day.” Her friend said, “Think of something positive before you sleep, every single day.”

These seem like basic tips.

List for finding joy:

  1. How can I feel connected, healthy, and purposeful today, (add these to my to-do list)?
  2. How can I intentionally avoid this hit of mental self-abrasion?
  3. Make time and space every day to create (not talking about social media, but creating for myself).
  4. How can I get at a minimum of three times every day? Well, more specifically how can I actively take care of Luly?
  5. Let go of pressures of worship and rushed time of reflection and prayer. It shouldn’t be hard. Life is tough enough for me to complicate relationships: especially my spiritual one.

I think I need help with coming back to messy things and trying them again. I want to stop considering this painting to be trash. It’s just not finished.

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