A Ritual

At night, because of the infests, I try to prepare the essential oil diffuser for the night. I grab a random water bottle and fill it with the bathroom sink. I usually use 100% pure peppermint, but lately I’ve been using a blend of lavender and chamomile I found at target for a buck. I don’t like this part but I have forced myself to do it because of the thing. I try to make myself do the rest as I’m not too motivated at night. I drag myself to the bathroom for those things, and come back stomping through the door, so they know and they disappear if they’re there.

I then take out my journal and the “Good Book” being hopeful I’ll follow through. I pop the pills and call my friend to gossip and hear about her new discoveries as she accepts who she is.

My significant other starts to message me to go to sleep. I tell him goodnight, trying to listen to him and I just sit. I sit and stare out the window and the mess in my space. I make sure my Fitbit is on nightly and run to go get it if it’s nearby. It only shows the screen when I raise my wrist and even then not all the time. I want to see if I had enough REM sleep in the morning. It’s cool. I spritz some more lavender, hoping on everything it works today and as I lay, I give thanks for my people and the day. I don’t always get to the books lately, but I know He isn’t to ditch me, because the next day I’m up again.

What would be a morning or nightly ritual for you?


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