A page on dealing with difficult people:

I heard an interesting take on enemies today.

In reference to a biblical story where a David had the opportunity to kill man Saul who was literally out to kill him and tormented his soul almost daily, I felt peace seeing how God still intervened in this story. (See 1 Samuel 24, or for my lazier friends, read below).

David had prayed an infinite amount of times to be delivered from this constant persecution. David had served the King, was also a soldier for the nation, and was loved by everyone. Saul’s jealousy and hatred, (although unwarranted), stemmed from this.

I know if I had a chance to destroy someone who was constantly harassing me, I would. I would take it as a sign from God and just BAM, get my peace, and celebrate my win. After all, doing the “right, Christian thing” is so inconvenient a lot of times. It’s seems nonsensical to let go and wait for fate/God’s intervention to step and handle vengeance and the vindication we deserve whenever we’re abused without reason from other people.

David basically showed up from his hiding spot and told the man straight up, “I could have killed you. But I spared you. Perhaps the Lord will punish you for what you have done to me, but I will not harm you. As that old proverb says, ‘from evil people come evil deeds’, so you can be sure I will never harm you” He recognized that this was still God’s child, and for whatever reason, God still had this person alive and in this position.

So, David let go and kept his word. God kept His, and Saul died about 6 chapters later: probably not as quick as David would’ve liked. But he was safe, and much more blessed.

Note to self:

“Don’t be defined by the inner and exterior struggles you face, they will be taken care of.”

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