What I like about Sundays

I just came from church today, and I realized that I tend to kind of invalidate moments of holiness on Sundays.

On Sundays, there’s this holiness behind starting a new week, behind preparation for a new 5 days of work, and time to reset physically, emotionally, and spiritually, before we go and engage with the working world. I realized there can be simple holiness behind restarting something or finding a new start in it.

The speaker spoke on how important rest is prior to tackling enormous and bright, or small, and mundane things. This made me see the holiness of Sunday after *Saturday’s sacredness.

Biblically, the first task creation was given was to rest. It set the tone for how essential rest would be for us. Rest can look different to everyone, but we can acknowledge that everyone needs rest for the same reason: to simply thrive while we survive, to live in abundance.

An overlooked blessing of Jesus’s rest on the Saturday, before his resurrection. It is refreshing to think of how our creator, incarnate, modeled this for us before restarting his life and his plans for his created people, *(which is why I revere Saturday as sacred). He modeled how to rest, and “breathed deeply” (symbolically) before beginning again.

So, what I like about Sundays is certainty.

wholeness and holiness exist for a new week,

exist for me.

(because of that deep breath.)

I am certain that I can have newness,

reset my outlook on

those I love,

tap into joy and peace in the

daunting and unknown,

grateful that

my mind is fresh,

despite the labyrinth in my head.

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