A 50 Hour Day

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It felt like the day was 50 hours long from the time I left for Nashville at 5 am with the girls until I got to London Gatwick airport on Monday, January 23rd. It was beyond exhausting. I actually don’t think I’ve felt more tired in my life. After the girls said by to me and we took that one selfie, I realized it was incredibly stupid to put all of my shoes inside me one big duffel bag. I had to pairs of boots, the rest of my shoes, and heavy books, and random stuff in the bag and I tried to carry it around like a purse. TAN BRUTA QUE ME PUSE LOL… Ahhhh joy, anyhow I was traveling alone in the airport at 11 am on Sunday. Then at 12 I got on a plane to Toronto, Canada. My plane landed in Canada at 3 something. I was forced to go through the checkpoints again when I arrived in Toronto and pick up that heavy monstrosity of a bag and hold it as I wandered around the airport until my next flight, which was at 7. Thus I had to stay in the lovely Toronto airport for about 4 y pico hours. Then I have no idea how long the flight was from Canada to London because the seats were uncomfortable, I hid my phone in frustration because I wanted to get some sleep, (since I literally had not slept the night before) yet I don’t even know IF I fell asleep. I imagine I did. I had some friendly Indian people who fell asleep next to me. All I know is I got to the school at 11 on Monday morning.

Thinking about it now is stressing me out a little. Haha, not really… I just don’t remember all of the vivid details and It’s uber late at night so my brain is not wanting to cooperate. That with a random spur of moodiness if conflicting with my desires to tell this interesting story in more detail. I settled in, met amazing Sandra, and marvelous Alyssa, who have both made my stay here remarkable. It has been practically a month since then and all I can say about that Monday is that I’m positively glad to picture God looking down at me and thinking I was loved enough to receive this opportunity. All I know is that today also felt quite long. It felt long but in a good sense. Also, I missed my family quite a bit today. I thought of my younger sister and mother often. This time difference sucks lemons! I wish communication was a perfect and flawless thing that people could just read your minds whenever you gave them access to(: I think what I liked most about today was realizing that if and when I make up my mind to excel and to thrive, I can. It helps so much to make time for God. I did not give Him nearly a fraction of what He deserves (timewise) today and unfortunately, I’m not great at that. but thinking on that now, I remember I felt splendid talking to Him this morning and reading His words in the bible. Even though it was for a little bit, it felt safe, nice, and comforting. It helped me to go through the day… until I didn’t. I stop succeeding when I lost sight of His amazingness. When I stopped and started watching that silly TV show, I then lost motivation and stopped thriving for the day. When I ignored my slightly sound judgment and refused to sleep, I also failed yo thrive. I cannot afford that, especially when my secret motto and theme of this trip has been to thrive. I cannot allow myself to give up. For some crazy reason, there are people out there who are proud of me; those same people have love and affection for me. Those same people are the same ones I cannot disappoint.

Today, I got my roommate a thrifty collection of the Lord of the Rings that she loves so much, and it brought me so much joy to see that I made someone happy today. I also went to the doctors office, asked questions about stuff I was curious about. Furthermore, I went to the pharmacy and got a consult. (Because of my cystic acne, I may be able to get medicine for my face and my schoool insurance may cover it! That sounded like a dream come true!) I took a nice walk, and the weather was so lovely! Yet, when I came back and became lazy, I separated myself from Him for bit, thus ruining my passion for Him. When I spoke to my roommate about reading the bible today, (I saw her reading her bibe and asked what she was reading) I was reminded that there aren’t words to describe the passion that should be felt when I read God’s word. I cannot stop. I have to scrutinize His every word so I can live off of them and thrive for Him. Making Him and others happy in the process. Today was fun, tomorrow may be fun as well, but there’s still work to be done. Goodnight love!

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