People help a Monday Funk

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

-Henry Ford

Be grateful for all of the people in your life. In one shape or another all of these people have served a good purpose. A lesson has been learned, they’ve been placed in your life for a reason and it’s good to take it as a good thing.

We all need people. We need others to get through life, we need community so reach out to someone today. Pick a person (whether or not you’ve spoken to them recently) and express your gratitude for them.

Be grateful for these little big blessings. Let’s have a positive outlook this Monday while we still have air flowing into our lungs, while we’re not sick, while we haven’t initiated a war as of yet. attitude

With every new morning you can chose to sing along with your alarm or roll over in bed and complain about the day of the week and be late for work.

I hope you chose to jam out to funk music instead of being in a funk because it’s Monday. 😉

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