A quick story on my holiday ordeal at the airport: Part 1

So, I want to fight someone but when I think of who, or why, I calm down.

I’m at the airport now, ready to go home for the holidays, (thanks Chas). And this odd thing happened to me right before I went through TSA. I walked up to the booth to go through the screening as usual, and my ID wasn’t exactly “accepted”.

See, I had lost my wallet with everything in it in November but when I went to the DMV’s office to get a new one they gave me a paper copy of my new driver’s license, that’s just the way they do things here I guess. My permanent ID still had not arrived. Anyway, I was asked to show other forms of ID (which I didn’t bring because I thought my driver’s license, which is on a piece of paper, would suffice) and all I had were cards in my name. I’ve got pictures of my passport and my former driver’s license in my phone but the lady was requesting a hard copy alternate form of ID (in color I guess). I showed her my other cards, but the conclusion reached was that my bags must be searched meticulously.

After my body was scanned through that laser looking machine, I stepped back and allowed them to search my bags because I am a peaceful and law-abiding citizen. Still, that’s the part that made me the most uncomfortable. They took everything out, opened my journal, book, and makeup bag. They unstuffed one of the gifts I had packed and just were all up in my stuff.

I know I should have had a regular ID like a regular person so, in theory, I can’t fight them. I also could have brought my passport along but didn’t, (I definitely will in the future). Still, I could be mad at the DMV office, or USPS, or whoever (which I am) for not getting me my hard copy to me yet, but I just got a text message that read “Have a safe flight Shmoopie!” So I’m going to be thankful that alive and in one piece. I’m going to be thankful for the friends and loved ones that God has placed in my life and pray for me y’all. I’m crazy. And always bring your passport whenever you fly, just in case. (;

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