(Continued) Tales From an Exhausted Homebody…

Let’s thank God for patient people.

I’m not really one of them…most of the time. At the end of the month, I left Florida for New York, (because I’m crazy like that), and I ended up having the same issue at the airport. Even so, I had an email ready and pulled up that showed a delivery receipt for my license. If any TSA employee interrogated me excessively, I had planned to pull up my email and tell them to back off (really just cry and beg to be allowed onto the flight).

When I got to the TSA line I had to step aside and wait in line behind another woman who seemingly had bigger airport issues than me; but time was a-tickin, and I got nervous. I had never missed my flight before and felt as if this would be the day. Till along came Bob. Bob was a cheerful White man probably from Orlando (I recognized the Floridian twang in his voice). He got me smoothly over to the other side of the tapes and I was screened like a suspicious person again.

My time in the big apple was extended, (I will share more about that on an upcoming post) and it still flew by. Back to Huntsville I went and I was screened like a suspicious person again, that really made me want to cry. Once I came ripped the envelope that contained my Driver’s License and shoved it in my wallet, vowing to never leave the house again.


The southern girl with business up north. (;

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