Hehe Colbie Calliet

I didn’t realize I needed to spend more time in prayer being grateful until I lost a friend.

I didn’t realize how beautiful the people are around me, until now when I’m packing up to leave.

I wish I realized before that not everything I stumble across is for me.

I had hoped others would realize things about me that I wanted to. I often expected too much.

Still, I am recently realizing more things about myself and who I wish to become, who I’m meant to be.

I am glad I’m realizing how much of a blessing my loved ones are.

I am glad I’m realizing that God is still good and my anxiety is smaller than me.

I hope you realize how loved you are too.

*Green tea lattes are delicious. Too much almond milk in the latte, is not. Be picky with what you like sometimes(;

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