The “Corny” Accuracy of Forgiveness

I was reading a Bible passage just now, and felt the need to share something that popped into my head, because I hadn’t in a bit and it makes me happy to.

So, there’s a parable in the book of Matthew in the Bible (a parable is a purposeful story with teaching intentions) that was told by Jesus, pretty much about this dude that owed a lot of money to his boss. In those times, it was common to work out your debts with others by being “sold” to work as a servant elsewhere. We don’t know the details of how that would look like, but the worker really didn’t wanna go. So he begged the boss man to let him stay and to have patience with him. The boss man felt compassion towards the man and forgave his debt. Literally, the next line of the story shares how the forgiven man went off into the street and demanded that some dude that owed him money, pay him instantly. The man could not and begged and begged for mercy (as he should have received, especially in light of the forgiven man’s recent events…). But sadly the same compassion wasn’t shown here. The forgiven dude threw poor dude to jail and boss man found out and was pissed, naturally.

I’m understanding now, in a different light, why character reflection is so important. It just makes our lives, and the lives of others, so much easier if we reflect a good presence, healthy and loving spirit… radiating how much we’ve been loved, forgiven, helped.

For me, it looks like loving because God has done this and more. It could be different for someone else, but I hope it could be simple to just love because we’re loved in return.

Forgiveness frees us and makes us just makes us look good.


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